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World of Warcraft

Draenor Approaches!

Zarastro a posted Dec 22, 13

Are you the best player in your guild and are worried about the Draenor transition?
Do you pour your heart and soul into hardmode raiding to only get back less-than-stellar results?
Do you feel like you are waiting for others in your raid to step up their play yet they always seem to disappoint?
Have you dreamed of finishing raid tiers months ahead of schedule so you can maximize off-season time?

 Maybe it’s time for a change of pace.

Given the recent announcement of a flat 20-Man raiding team, we are dedicated to making the transition to Mythic Raiding going into the Warlords of Draenor expansion set. After our success in Mists of Pandaria we are determined to take it to the next level and compete on the world stage. We believe our rankings speak for themselves and we are ready to compete at a higher level. Think of these past three tiers as an experiment, and the next expansion’s raiding tiers as the main event. Our intention is to increase time spent in the instance in a meaningful way for the next expansion’s raiding tiers in order to compete with guilds across the globe. Sound like something for you? Please visit our Recruitment post and fill out an Application on our Forum!



I may or may not write a small blog post about how fucking terrible we were this tier, that remains to be seen.  We lost about 10 raid days this tier due to DDOS Attacks on our members by elements within our own guild, and bad recruits who slept through raids and don't have cell phones.  Overall bad play from a few members that we expected to perform better set us back even further than the lost raid days.  Even though we lost 10 days of raiding, during Klaxxi progression we did a huge restructure of our raid group mid-tier.  

We replaced an 
under-performing tank with a competent one, we dropped a Shaman Healer from our roster who was irresponsible and I switched from Shadow to Discipline full-time, we kicked the Elemental Shaman who was DDOSing us -- preventing us from raiding several nights, and we had our star Enhancement Shaman Jkww return from a raiding hiatus to prog Garrosh with us as our 10th raider on roster.  We managed to gear him up from 539 iLvL in two raid clears and he killed Heroic Garrosh with two 540 Weapons.

Despite all of this, everything I just summarized are nothing more than excuses.  We didn't feel that we played well this tier but at the end of the day we came in tonight after a long night yesterday and three-shot this shitty boss.  Shout outs to Euros for the Sacrificial Dagger strategy, and a big "I FUCKING LOVE YOU" to every single person in our guild.  

P.S. - Don't DDOS me, bro.
Alfordlol You guys are cute as fuck for that comeback <3. .... . low key tho somebody DM me the mumble info so I can catch ...
Dynamiklol Holy shit dude. Strongest comeback of the expansion.
Tenebrai a This is very colorful!